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ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp – Aiming For SUCCESS – Who Is #1?

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ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp is a great topic to discuss. Choosing the right email marketing platform is critical for any business, big or small. The tools you use for your email marketing efforts can greatly impact your engagement rates, customer retention, and ultimately, your bottom line.

When considering ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, it’s important to note that both platforms bring unique features and benefits to the table. They’ve both helped businesses across the globe communicate effectively with their customers and have established themselves as leaders in the industry. However, your specific needs, budget, and marketing goals will determine which one is the ideal choice for you.

In the following sections, we will dive deeper into a comparison between ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp, assessing them based on a variety of categories, including ease of use, email marketing features, automation capabilities, customer support, and pricing, among others.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll have a clearer picture of which platform, ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp, will best serve your email marketing needs. So let’s get started!

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Overview of ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp

Before we delve into the specifics of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, let’s get a general overview of what each platform offers.

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive marketing platform that goes beyond email marketing to include CRM and sales automation. ActiveCampaigns platform is recognized for its advanced automation and segmentation features, allowing businesses to send targeted emails based on user behavior, preferences, and previous interactions. This tool is popular among businesses that want to maintain a high degree of personalization in their communications.

Mailchimp started as an email marketing tool but has evolved into an all-in-one marketing platform offering a range of features such as landing pages, social media ads, and even postcards. Mailchimp is often chosen by small businesses and startups due to its user-friendly interface and the generous feature set provided in its free plan.

Both ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp offer a robust set of features, but they cater to slightly different needs and business sizes. In the subsequent sections, we’ll compare these platforms across various dimensions to help you decide between ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp
ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Ease of Use

When discussing ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp in terms of ease of use, both platforms have their strengths and challenges.

Mailchimp is well-known for its intuitive, user-friendly interface. Its drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy for even beginners to create professional-looking emails. The platform guides users through the process of setting up an email campaign, making it a great choice for those who are new to email marketing or prefer a more straightforward experience.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, might have a steeper learning curve due to its more complex feature set. The platform offers a wealth of advanced features like CRM and sales automation, which can take some time to get used to. However, once you get the hang of it, these features can offer greater flexibility and customization. ActiveCampaign also offers comprehensive resources and support to help users navigate the platform.

In summary, if you value simplicity and ease-of-use above all, Mailchimp might be your preferred choice. But if you’re looking for advanced features and you’re willing to invest some time in learning, ActiveCampaign could provide the depth of functionality you need.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Email Marketing Features

When examining ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp in the realm of email marketing features, it’s evident that both platforms offer a robust set of tools. However, they differ in certain areas.

Mailchimp offers a wealth of email marketing features, making it a solid choice for businesses of all sizes. It provides pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop designer, which allows even those without technical expertise to design stunning emails. Mailchimp also offers tools for audience segmentation, A/B testing, time-zone based sending, and reporting.

ActiveCampaign, while offering a similar range of features, goes a step further in providing more advanced options. In addition to basic features like A/B testing and segmentation, ActiveCampaign also offers dynamic content, predictive sending, and machine learning capabilities to optimize your email send times. Not to mention its impressive automation capabilities, which allow you to create multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

While both platforms have an impressive feature set, ActiveCampaign may edge out Mailchimp for businesses that desire more advanced capabilities and highly personalized email campaigns.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp
ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Automation Capabilities

Automation capabilities are increasingly important in email marketing as they allow for more personalized, timely, and relevant communication. Let’s take a look at how ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp compare in this regard.

ActiveCampaign shines when it comes to automation. With its powerful automation workflows, you can set up complex, multi-step campaigns based on a variety of triggers, conditions, and actions. Whether it’s sending targeted follow-up emails based on user behavior or automating your entire sales process, ActiveCampaign provides a high level of flexibility. Furthermore, its CRM seamlessly integrates with the automation features, enabling a 360-degree view of your customer interactions.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, offers a simpler approach to automation. It’s equipped with autoresponders and basic triggers for sending welcome emails, order confirmations, and abandoned cart reminders, among others. While not as advanced as ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp’s automation tools are more than adequate for small to medium-sized businesses.

In the comparison of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign’s advanced automation capabilities make it a standout choice for businesses wanting to create complex, personalized customer journeys.

Integration Possibilities

Integrations can greatly enhance the capabilities of an email marketing platform by allowing it to seamlessly work with other tools you use in your business. In terms of integration possibilities for ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, both platforms support a wide range of third-party applications.

Mailchimp supports over 200 integrations with popular services like WordPress, Shopify, and Salesforce. This means you can easily connect Mailchimp to your website, online store, CRM, and more, providing an integrated marketing solution. Mailchimp’s integration with social media platforms is also worth noting, allowing businesses to extend their reach beyond email marketing.

ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, boasts over 300 integrations, including with top-tier software such as WordPress, Shopify, PayPal, and Zapier, among others. These integrations allow for deep data connections, enabling businesses to leverage customer data from various sources, enriching their marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, while both platforms offer a substantial number of integrations, ActiveCampaign offers slightly more options, which might give it the edge for businesses seeking extensive connectivity with other tools.

Customer Support and Resources

Quality customer support and resources can make a significant difference in your overall experience with a platform. When considering ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, both offer a variety of resources to assist their users.

Mailchimp provides 24/7 email support and live chat support during business hours to all users. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive self-service knowledge base filled with guides and tutorials. Their ‘Mailchimp Academy’ provides free online courses, and they also run live webinars regularly. It’s worth noting that phone support is only available to premium users.

ActiveCampaign, in contrast, provides 24/7 live chat and email support to all users, with phone support available to those on Plus plans or higher. They also have a robust self-service resource library, which includes how-to guides, videos, webinars, and a community forum for peer support. ActiveCampaign University offers comprehensive training courses, enabling users to get the most out of the platform.

In the comparison of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp in terms of customer support and resources, both platforms have solid offerings. The choice will depend on your preferred mode of support and your specific needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Understanding the performance of your email marketing campaigns is crucial for optimization and achieving better results. When looking at ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp in terms of reporting and analytics, each platform offers its unique approach.

Mailchimp provides a robust reporting feature that gives a detailed overview of your campaign performance. The dashboard displays open rates, click rates, and other vital metrics in an easy-to-understand format. It also offers social media and e-commerce tracking, allowing you to assess your performance across different platforms and sales channels. Plus, its A/B testing reports help refine your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

ActiveCampaign, however, goes a step further with their reporting. In addition to basic metrics like opens and clicks, ActiveCampaign also offers user behavior tracking, event tracking, and sales CRM data. Its advanced reporting feature allows you to dive deep into your data and understand your audience better. Plus, ActiveCampaign’s unique contact scoring system can indicate which of your contacts are most engaged and likely to convert.

When it comes to ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign’s reporting capabilities may be more appealing to businesses needing a more in-depth analysis of their marketing efforts.

Pricing Structures

The pricing structure of an email marketing tool is a key factor to consider based on your budget and the features you require. As we compare ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp in terms of cost, both offer a range of pricing tiers to cater to different business sizes and needs.

ActiveCampaign offers four tiers: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, each offering a step up in features and capabilities. The Lite plan starts at $9 per month and includes basic features like email marketing, marketing automation, and chat & email support. Higher plans introduce more advanced features like CRM, custom user permissions, and predictive sending. Pricing is based on the number of contacts you have, so costs will increase as your list grows.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, offers a Free plan, making it an attractive option for startups and small businesses. This plan includes basic features like email marketing, basic templates, and a marketing CRM. Paid plans (Essential, Standard, and Premium) offer more advanced features like time-zone delivery, advanced segmentation, and multivariate testing. Mailchimp also charges based on the number of contacts, with costs rising as your list expands.

In the ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp pricing battle, the best choice depends on your business needs. If you’re starting out or have a tight budget, Mailchimp’s Free plan might be more attractive. However, if you need advanced features and automation, ActiveCampaign could be worth the investment.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp
ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Deliverability Rates

The effectiveness of your email marketing strategy largely hinges on whether your emails are successfully reaching your subscribers’ inboxes. This is where email deliverability rates come into play. As we compare ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp on this metric, both platforms take considerable measures to maintain high deliverability.

Mailchimp has made a name for itself with consistently high deliverability rates. They use artificial intelligence to monitor bounce rates, unopened emails, and abuse reports to improve deliverability. They also offer tools for audience segmentation and spam filter testing, allowing you to optimize your email campaigns for better reach.

ActiveCampaign, similarly, places great emphasis on deliverability. They provide a suite of tools to improve your email’s chance of reaching the inbox, including predictive sending, segmentation, and personalized ‘send times’ that deliver your emails when they’re most likely to be opened. ActiveCampaign also emphasizes transparency in deliverability, providing you with reports that shed light on the journey of your emails.

When it comes to ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, both have strong deliverability rates. Your choice may depend on which platforms specific deliverability tools and features best align with your email marketing strategy.

User Interface and Experience

An intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface is key to a positive user experience with any software. Let’s compare the user interfaces and overall user experiences of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has a user-friendly interface with a clean and uncluttered design. Its dashboard is straightforward, with clearly labeled tabs for different features. The drag-and-drop email builder makes creating campaigns simple, even for beginners. Mailchimp’s interface is known for its fun, colorful design that makes navigating the software a pleasant experience.

ActiveCampaign also provides a clean, user-friendly interface, but it may take a little more time to familiarize yourself with the platform due to its many features and tools. However, once understood, these tools allow for a higher level of customization and automation in your email marketing. ActiveCampaign’s dashboard offers a detailed overview of your campaign analytics, which is a big plus for those focused on data.

In the comparison of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp user interfaces and experiences, Mailchimp might be more appealing to those looking for simplicity and ease of use, while ActiveCampaign could be a better fit for users seeking advanced customization and a more data-oriented dashboard.


When considering an email marketing platform, it’s important to think about not just where your business is now, but where it might be in the future. Scalability refers to the ability of the platform to grow with your business, offering solutions that will meet your changing needs over time. Let’s take a look at the scalability of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp.

ActiveCampaign is known for its scalable solutions. With four distinct pricing plans, it’s designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can start with the Lite plan and then upgrade to Plus, Professional, or Enterprise as they grow. Each tier adds more features and increased capacity, providing room for significant growth. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign’s advanced automation features can accommodate increasingly complex marketing strategies as your business expands.

Mailchimp, while providing a free tier and three paid tiers, tends to be a bit simpler in its offerings. Its free and Essential plans are great for small businesses and startups, while the Standard and Premium plans provide more features and larger sending capacities. However, some users have noted that Mailchimp’s advanced features may not be as robust as those offered by ActiveCampaign, which could be a consideration for businesses planning substantial growth.

In the ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp debate on scalability, both platforms offer plans for businesses of various sizes. However, ActiveCampaign may have an edge if you anticipate needing a wider range of advanced automation features as your business grows.

Review Roundup: What Users are Saying

Hearing from other users can provide valuable insights when comparing platforms. Let’s delve into what users are saying about ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp.

ActiveCampaign users frequently praise its advanced automation features, which allow for highly customized and targeted campaigns. They also appreciate the comprehensive data analytics, helping them optimize their strategies. However, some users mention that the interface can feel a bit complex to newcomers, and there may be a steep learning curve.

Mailchimp users often laud its user-friendly interface and design, as well as the broad set of features available even on the free tier. Its template and design options are also popular, especially with smaller businesses or those just getting started with email marketing. However, some users have expressed that as their businesses grow, they find the lack of advanced automation and segmentation features limiting.

In this ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp review roundup, it’s clear that both platforms have their strengths and appeal to different types of users. Your decision should be guided by your specific needs and business growth plans.

Who Should Use ActiveCampaign?

When weighing ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, it’s crucial to consider the specific needs and goals of your business. While both platforms have their merits, they cater to slightly different audiences.

ActiveCampaign shines in its advanced automation features and comprehensive data analytics. These strengths make it an excellent choice for businesses that have outgrown basic email marketing and are looking to implement more sophisticated, automated campaigns.

Businesses that are heavily focused on CRM and sales will appreciate ActiveCampaign’s robust CRM features. The platform allows for seamless integration with your sales pipeline, providing tools to track leads, automate follow-ups, and score contacts based on their interaction with your campaigns.

If you’re running a larger organization or one that is experiencing fast-paced growth, ActiveCampaign could be the more suitable choice. With its advanced features and scalability, it’s well-equipped to handle the needs of expanding businesses. However, be prepared for a steeper learning curve as the platform is more complex than Mailchimp.

Lastly, ActiveCampaign is a good fit for those who value detailed analytics and want to be able to customize and experiment with their campaigns based on those insights.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

Who Should Use Mailchimp?

Continuing our comparison between ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, let’s explore who would benefit most from using Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is often praised for its ease of use and approachable design. If you’re just starting with email marketing or you’re a small business owner without a dedicated marketing team, Mailchimp could be the ideal choice for you. Its interface is user-friendly, and it offers a wide variety of templates that make creating attractive campaigns a breeze, even for beginners.

Mailchimp also offers a broad set of features on its free tier, making it a cost-effective choice for start-ups or small businesses on a tight budget. You can start building your email marketing efforts without an upfront investment and then upgrade as your needs grow.

The platform also integrates well with many popular ecommerce platforms, which is a big plus if you’re running an online store. Mailchimp’s automation features, although not as advanced as ActiveCampaign’s, are more than adequate for basic email marketing campaigns.

Finally, creative businesses, freelancers, or agencies may prefer Mailchimp for its strong design capabilities and branding options. It offers a wider range of customizable templates and design options compared to ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp


In the battle of ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp, it’s clear that both platforms offer a wealth of features designed to help you streamline your email marketing campaigns. Ultimately, the best platform for you will hinge on your business’s specific needs, your level of email marketing expertise, and your budget.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool, particularly in terms of automation capabilities and detailed analytics. It is an excellent choice for businesses that are growing rapidly or already have a sizeable customer base. It may require a bit more learning, but the benefits it provides could be worth the effort for many businesses.

On the other hand, Mailchimp offers a more user-friendly interface and is a cost-effective choice, particularly for small businesses and beginners. Its design-focused approach and wide range of templates can help you create attractive campaigns with ease.

To summarize, ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp are both robust tools with unique strengths. Your choice between the two should align with your business goals, your marketing strategies, and the level of complexity you’re willing to handle in your email marketing efforts.

Remember, no matter which platform you choose, the success of your email marketing depends not only on the tools you use but also on the quality of your content and your understanding of your audience’s needs.

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